Homeless Hearts

2021 | LEB/DE | Short | 20 min | 16mm | in financing | in coproduction with Sekak Films (Lebanon)

„If my love for Gilbert is a crime, let history witness that I’m a dangerous criminal.“ signed by Tarzan. Beirut, the civil war, a sniper’s nest and a hidden love story.

WINNER of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for international cooperation 2019

Jury Statement
“A film dealing with the most basic theme to human nature yet the most complexed one … triggering softness and cruelty, seduction and disgust, denial and truth. A love story breaking all stereotypes in a microcosm of what life could be in civil wars in a country under constant turmoil…”

Written & directed by Mohamed Moe Sabbah
DOP Marco Müller
Producers Bastian Klügel & Ghina El Hachem