Manual for no one

2017 | SE/DE | middle-length feature | 45 min | s16mm | in coproduction with academy of media arts cologne, funded by Film-und Medienstiftung NRW, supported by filmpool Jämtland, the federal Embassy of the Republic of Germany Stockholm & Krokoms Kommun

The caretaker of a small hunting cabin tells the story of a young man who rents the cabin set in the wilderness to work on his stuff undisturbed. However, wilderness, solitude and his being thrown back upon himself keep nagging at him until slowly he begins losing his mind. One day he disappears.

With Boris Maximov & Börje Lundberg
written, directed & edited by Bastian Klügel
DOP Christian Kochmann
Sound Armin Badde
Production Design Jeannette Bastisch
Music Carlo Philipp Thomsen
Producer Bastian Klügel & Claus Reichel

Please click on the screen to stop/play the video.